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The creation and management of a new community is distinctly different than managing an established Community Association. While a community is still in the development stage, Excel Association Management is working to establish strong operational processes and procedures that meet the needs of the developer and supports the development of a new community with new neighbors and new amenities.  We have extended experience in working with Community Associations that are being developed and those that are transitioning from developer control. This allows us to balance the distinctive needs of all involved in developing a new community.

HOA Management Developer Services for New Communities

Developer Services are divided into two distinctive categories, Developer Consulting and Community Management. In the Developer Consulting phase, Excel assists in establishing and reviewing Community Association structure, Governing Documents, amenity design, and budgeting. During the Community Management phase, Excel Association Management offers community management services to the association under development or in transition from developer controlled to HOA controlled.

community developer management services

Community management filing system

Community Management Services takes a community from developer control to neighborhood HOA administration.

Developer Consulting Services is a program designed to work through these planning issues with an emphasis on:

  • Association Structure – consultation regarding the structure and framework of the Community Association beginning before ground breaking to make the neighborhood more attractive to builders and future homeowners.
  • Governing Documents – the extensive experience and knowledge base that is possessed by Excel Association Management is a valuable resource for creating governing documents which are clear, concise, and legally compliant; these create a solid foundation for extended success as a Community Association.
  • Amenities & Common Areas – Excel provides practical input concerning the design, type, and construction of amenities and common areas.
  • Initial Budget – Excel assists in the development of the initial budget for a new community association, accounting for assessment rates for short and long-term success of the neighborhood.

Our Community Management Service offers:

  • Independent Accounting – providing complete accounting of community association money…separate from any developer funds, allowing no perception of miss-handling.
  • Property Reviews – Community Managers perform regular site visits to document compliance issues and the state of common areas.
  • Professional Presence – allowing developers to focus on their core business, Excel handles Community Association documents for all builders, vendors, and homeowners.
  • Homeowner Communication – allowing developers to focus on their core business, Excel handles Community Association documents for all builders, vendors, and homeowners.
  • Graduated Pricing – Excel bases the contracted price for community management on the number of lots sold, allowing price increases only as home-sites are sold.
  • Common Area Transition – Upon common area and amenity completion, Excel will manage the complex transition of these responsibilities from the Developer to the Community Association’s maintenance vendors.

Finding a community association management company that knows the requirements, are experts at setting up documentation, and who can build a proper base for a first-time sales neighborhood is imperative to the livelihood of a new community. At Excel Association Management, we believe in the value of our service and the positive impact we can have on the new homeowners living in an Excel managed community.

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