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    Are You Qualified to Lead on Your Board?

    Most community members want to make a positive change within their Association. One of the most effective ways to take steps towards community improvement is by taking up the mantle as an HOA Board Member. Typically, the only firm requirement to serve on your Association’s Board is to be a member of the Association, there are several skills that are key to properly serve your community. Excellent Communication Skills As an HOA board member, communication skills are an absolute must! Your

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  • Solar Powered Homes

    How Solar-Powered Household Items Make Green Living Easier

    It IS easy to be green, no matter what Kermit the Frog says.  You already know turning down the thermostat helps. How about replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs and opening the window shades to let the sun lighten things up. Whether you live in your own home or manage property in a Texas community, solar power cuts down on electricity and helps reduce that carbon footprint. Solar Panels Solar panels are quite popular now and are being installed in new home construction. With tax

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  • Disaster Readiness

    6 Ways to Implement Disaster Readiness Within Your HOA

    No HOA-led community wants to be plagued by a disaster, but unfortunately, disasters happen and your members need to be prepared. Community-wide disaster readiness goes beyond mailing out general precautions to your neighbors. Find out the important steps your HOA board and management team can take this year to ensure that your community is prepared for any natural or man-made disaster that could come your way. Coordinate With Your Association Management Team, First Although your Board may

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  • HOA Winterizing

    Keeping Your HOA Comfortable This Winter

    A new year means new potential community members looking to get in on your HOA’s amenities. HOA management services should be dedicated to keeping your community in top shape, and winter is one of the biggest seasons of the year to perform important maintenance. Keep your community buildings and shared property on their A-game this winter with this winterization checklist that will position your HOA for a successful 2020. Make Sure Your Pipes Stay Warm Your pipes are usually the first victim

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  • HOA Friendsgiving

    Tips for Hosting an HOA Sponsored Friendsgiving

    Friendsgiving has quickly become an often celebrated holiday in conjunction with the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Not everyone has family in town to enjoy Thanksgiving festivities with, and a Friendsgiving celebration can help keep everyone in your community in on the fall fun. If your HOA loves hosting events that bring the community together, now is the perfect time to gather around the table and enjoy an American tradition. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure your Friendsgiving

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  • HOA Harassment

    HOA Harassment: When Homeowners Behave Badly

    Sometimes the HOA doesn’t come to a decision that pleases the homeowners in a community. Usually, the outcome is disappointing, yet civil; but there is always a slim chance that a homeowner can act out of hand. If your association has made some decisions that turned some homeowner’s heads, here are some tips from an association management company that can help manage owners when they get out of hand. Define What’s Deemed Unacceptable Behavior Your association’s governing documents may

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  • Social Media in Your Association

    The Guide to Using Social Media to Your Association’s Advantage

    A huge part of effective homeowners association management is creating numerous opportunities for your neighbors to come together and get informed. Outside of regularly scheduled Association meetings, social media can be an accessible hub for homeowners to stay on top of community activities. If your association hasn’t already established itself on social media, here is an in-depth look at the specifics involved with running a successful community social media account. Make Sure Your Social

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  • HOA Halloween

    Hosting a Happy HOA-Friendly Halloween

    Halloween is just around the corner for your community and HOA management companies can help with the festivities! It’s time to break out the pumpkins, buy up the candy and have a fantastic time celebrating the night with your friends and family. While this is a celebratory time for those young and older, everyone deserves to have a happy, safe and stress-free Halloween. Here are some simple ways your neighborhood can keep the night spooktacular! Remind Homeowners About Decorative Limits

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  • Turning Your Neighborhood into Community

    Tips to Turn Your Neighborhood Into a Community

    Neighbors can go years without even knowing each other’s names and end up missing out on the camaraderie of a welcoming community. In a planned neighborhood, the idea of being tight-knit is part of the big picture for the Board and management. However, close communities don’t just happen out of nowhere. Here are some things your Board can do within its governing powers to help bring neighbors together as friends. Join Nextdoor Social networking is one of the first steps your neighbors can

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  • HOA and Neighbor Disputes

    A Quick Look At HOA Neighborly Disputes

    Although we’d love to create a community out of a neighborhood, it’s inevitable that there will eventually be some conflict among neighbors. While most resolution comes from neighbors simply talking it out, there are some extreme cases of harassment where an Association and community management team can step in and help. Here are some ways your Association can bring some comfort to an uncomfortable situation. When the Association Steps In Generally speaking, Associations do not get involved

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