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  • HOA Board Making Annual Budget In Dallas Texas

    HOA Management Tips for Planning an Annual Budget

    An annual HOA budget helps an association determine how much to charge owners for their annual dues and how much money is available to complete projects and cover emergency situations throughout the year. Your association’s annual budget is likely something that adjusts from year to year. So, taking some time to plan out your community’s finances is essential. While this task may seem daunting to the average board member; the help of your association management team and their financial

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  • North Texas Neighborhood With An HOA

    How to Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HOA

    Community maintenance is one of the biggest projects that an HOA board and its management team oversee. Although most HOAs are always prepared for a maintenance need to arise, some can be caught by surprise and experience unexpected expenses. At Excel Association Management, we approach every community we serve with a prepared preventative maintenance plan that works within their projected budget. Here’s a closer look at some of our processes and how your board members can always be prepared

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  • Man Holding House Shaped Wood With Homeowners Association Written On It

    What Are the Five Different Types of HOA Meetings?

    When most people think of HOA meetings, images of a town hall full of excited community members chanting for residential justice come to mind. While most of the HOA meetings a board holds aren’t necessarily as action-packed as depicted in the movies, an HOA’s success really does depend on the decisions made at meetings held throughout the year. If you are a member of an HOA and desire involvement within your community, understanding the meetings that keep an HOA grounded is a great start.

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  • HOA Management Increased Property Value

    5 Ways HOA Management Improves Community Property Value

    HOA property management teams bring a lot to the table as far as assistance goes with general community services and guiding a Board to making sound decisions. While HOA management services offer direct improvements to a community, there are several ways our efforts can help improve property value in the long term. Here’s a closer look at how Excel Association Management can improve your association from the inside out. Quality Vendor Services An association is only as good as the vendors

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  • Condominium Association Management Downtown Dallas

    5 Reasons You Need a Condo Management Company

    Many people across Texas enjoy living the condo lifestyle. However, leadership styles range, and those with only a volunteer board on their side may require a little extra help for success. If your association is feeling a little stale and needs some rejuvenation in its system, here are five reasons why your board should hire a COA management company to bring organization to your community. Less Stress for Volunteer Board Members Your COA’s Board of Directors is made up of elected volunteers

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  • Woman Looking At Her HOA's Website

    Does Your HOA Website Have All of the Essential Features?

    An association’s website must be versatile in order to push a community to the front lines of successful HOAs. Your HOA website is literally a window that shows prospective owners a glimpse of the beauty and structure that a private community has to offer. It is also a way for current owners and board members to effectively communicate and easily accomplish basic association tasks like agenda planning and dues collection. Many association management teams are having communities around the

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  • HOA Leadership board during a meeting

    Top 6 HOA Meeting Protocol Tips

    Every HOA board meeting should be one that pushes a community in the direction of positive progress. A great meeting doesn’t just come together on its own but is molded through the adherence of tried and tested practices of an experienced HOA management team. When your board is planning its next open meeting, make sure that it has these six meeting protocols in place to ensure a productive session. 1.  Don’t Veer From Your Agenda The average board meeting should last about an hour

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  • woman working on social media and influencer marketing strategy plan

    How to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy for Your HOA

    Social media can be a key tool to bringing a community together and getting the right information out to your neighborhood. However, perfecting social media isn’t as simple as picking a platform and starting your first post. In order for social media to be effective and follow legal guidelines for public entities like an association, a social media strategy should be your first step towards implementing social media into your business practices. Here’s a look into what you and your HOA

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  • Aerial view of suburban communities

    What are the Top 6 Benefits of Living in an HOA

    When many people think about living in an HOA, concerns about restrictive covenants and regular dues come to mind. While these features of an association can seem daunting to outsiders, the truth is that they bring a lot of benefits to owners that do invest in HOA-managed properties. Here’s a look at the top 6 benefits that owners gain when they choose to live within a planned community. 1.  You Earn a True Sense of Community Simply put, an association makes meeting people and making friends

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  • Construction or repair of the rural house, fixing facade, insulation and using color

    How to Plan for Exterior Alterations in an HOA

    Spring is in full swing in Dallas, and after the harsh freeze that rounded out our winter, it’s no surprise that many owners plan on making some exterior improvements while the weather is warm. While exterior renovations are always a great way to start off the spring season, if you are an owner in an HOA, completing a project isn’t as easy as a split decision and getting started. With most renovations or exterior alterations, an application with plans must be submitted to your

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