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  • Construction or repair of the rural house, fixing facade, insulation and using color

    How to Plan for Exterior Alterations in an HOA

    Spring is in full swing in Dallas, and after the harsh freeze that rounded out our winter, it’s no surprise that many owners plan on making some exterior improvements while the weather is warm. While exterior renovations are always a great way to start off the spring season, if you are an owner in an HOA, completing a project isn’t as easy as a split decision and getting started. With most renovations or exterior alterations, an application with plans must be submitted to your

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    What Do Your HOA Fees Actually Cover?

    Everyone knows that part of being an HOA member is paying community dues. Whether the payments are monthly or annually, they must be paid in order for your association’s board to put the money towards community projects and maintenance. Many owners view HOA fees as a negative item and feel that their money only goes towards filling someone else’s pockets. Fortunately, that’s not the case, and the team at Excel Association Management is prepared to dig into the details. Here’s a closer

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  • Happy volunteer family putting their hands together on a sunny day

    Strategies for Recruiting Reliable HOA Volunteers

    Your association’s success depends on committee volunteers and exciting events that bring the community together and encourage potential owners to get involved in their community. However, recruiting new volunteers to give up time during what’s already a busy week can be difficult. Usually, a simple “Join Us!” sign won’t bring in the most ideal candidates for your volunteer needs. If your HOA management team is looking for eager volunteers to spearhead a community block party or join

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  • Man hand showing DISCIPLINARY word phone with blur business man wearing plaid shirt.

    How to Prepare For An HOA Disciplinary Hearing

    An HOA violation is something no homeowner wants to receive in the mail. However, violations happen and one of the most common approaches to resolution is a disciplinary hearing. While this may seem like an unnecessary scolding to an association homeowner or tenant, following the community’s regulations is paramount. Common ground must be found, and disciplinary hearings serve as an official setting where the board and tenants can communicate and come to terms with the correction of a

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  • Panoramic view of a neighborhood in Anaheim, Orange County, California

    Tips for Hiring the Perfect Landscaping Vendor This Spring

    Texans can feel the sun of spring just around the corner. Now is the time for HOAs to start planning out landscaping and maintenance vendors for the seasons where curb appeal truly counts. If you are a board member who wants to get your association’s landscaping in top shape but don’t have a contracted vendor, here are some tips for hiring the perfect landscaping team for your association this spring. Figure Out What Your Community Needs Before you even start soliciting bids or even looking

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  • Carpenter working with technical blueprint drawing construction paper lying on outdoor

    5 Things to Know Before Home Renovations in an HOA

    Spring is just around the corner and many homeowners in HOA communities may have some big renovation plans to spice up the look of their home. Keep in mind, that even something as seemingly simple as replacing a front yard gate is a renovation that must be well-planned. Homeowners across the state hear horror stories about working on a large home renovation and mid-way, the HOA board comes calling to shut the unauthorized project down and potentially issue a fine. However, there is always a

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  • How to Craft an Effective HOA Violations Letter

    Excel Association Management knows that one of the essential elements of being on the board of directors for your HOA is dealing with homeowner violations. Issues that involve the breaking of association rules and regulations are delicate and require a well-worded violation letter to ensure that steps towards proper resolution are taken. Let’s find out why violation letters are such an important part of your responsibilities and how you and your management team can craft a violation letter

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  • Cars parked at large parking lots There is a shadow of a street light post The back is a single-story house.

    How to Resolve Common Parking Issues in Your HOA

    Your homeowner’s association should be a place where owners can comfortably park their cars and have ample parking opportunities for their guests when company arises. However, without proper HOA managed rules and regulations in place, parking can easily become a hassle within an HOA community. In order to prevent common parking issues like crowded streets and overflowing driveways, here are some regulations that association board members can implement if they aren’t already in place.

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  • HOA Board Members giving presentation

    Are You Qualified to Become a Board Member?

    Serving on your HOA board is both an honor and a responsibility. Your fellow community members rely on you and the rest of the board to make qualified decisions that push an association forward. As we enter a new year, some association boards may be prepared to bring in new members as current volunteers step down. If you think you possess some of the key qualities of an HOA leader, here are some of the biggest factors that matter to a board and association management. Do You Work Well in a

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  • Well-maintained urban area.

    Essential Aspects of Your Year-Round Maintenance Checklist

    Your association should always look its best and function properly for the comfort of your homeowners. While some associations may try to catch repairs and maintenance necessities as they come, this isn’t always the most efficient plan for a community. The team at Excel Association Management always believes that an HOA should have a plan, and that includes performing periodic maintenance before problems start to pop up. What is the Importance of Having a Maintenance Checklist? A maintenance

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