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  • HOA Topics on Going Greener in 2022

    5 Ways Your HOA Can Go Greener in the New Year

    An HOA serves as a pillar of the community it resides in. So, while it should always strive to provide the best owner experience for its residents, it should also do everything in its power to reduce its environmental footprint and improve the immediate environments around it. Fortunately, going greener doesn’t have to be an expensive initiative, and there are several ways that your community can help make the planet a better place. Here are 5 green tips your HOA should enforce in 2022! Go

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  • New Years Resolution for HOA

    6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your HOA

    2021 is headed out the door and it’s time for your association to start making some new year’s resolutions that benefit the greater good of your community. While all HOA board members know that budgetary planning is essential for a new year, there are several other promises you can keep and make for your board and community that will make the next year happier and more efficient. Review and Make Any Potential New Rules Although your association’s CC&Rs may be extensive, there is always

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  • Christmas Gift Puppy and HOA Dog Ownership Rules

    Common HOA Dog Ownership Rules to Keep in Mind

    One of the most popular gifts given during the holiday season is the gift of “man’s best friend.” While we all love our furry family members, it’s important to remember that all associations have established rules in place regarding dog ownership. Before you purchase a pooch this holiday season, make sure you ask your association management and Board members what your community’s rules are regarding dogs. In the meantime, keep these points in mind as you apply for seasonal puppy

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  • Nice Neighborhood With An HOA In Dallas Texas

    The Guide to Solving Common Issues New Board Members Face

    A new year around the corner can mean that your HOA’s board is about to welcome in some new board members. Yes, new bodies on a board can bring an exciting chance for new ideas to mold the community, but new board membership also often comes with common issues that can leave Boards and communities frustrated.  What Are Common Issues New Board Members Face? In order to have a smooth transition into board membership, it is important to address standard issues early. While you are easing new

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  • Texas Neighborhood Has HOA Management Team

    7 Steps to Starting an HOA in a Community

    Some community members in a neighborhood may find it’s time to improve community property values and create a homeowners association (HOA) for the greater good of the community. Obviously, a neighborhood can’t just say “We are now an HOA! Please pay your dues.” There’s a process involved that could take months or even years for a neighborhood to become one. While we know there are several details between the lines, here’s a closer look at the major steps necessary for starting a new

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  • Neighborhood With HOA In Dallas

    Assessing Maintenance Responsibilities in an HOA

    Some owners may believe that their annual or monthly dues cover every aspect of maintenance, but the truth is, keeping an association in top shape falls in the hands of the Board and owners. Every maintenance and repair situation is unique, but it’s important for everyone involved to have an idea of the responsibilities involved when maintenance or repair needs arise. What Are the Different Areas in an HOA Community? Before we delve into the specifics, let’s take a closer look at the actual

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  • Neighborhood With Homeowners Association In North Texas

    Top HOA and Management Myths That Scare Off Owners

    HOAs are popular entities that often garner unwanted attention from potential association owners. There are several unfortunate myths that house hunters tend to listen to that scare them away from the benefits of living in a properly managed association. Don’t let misinformation drive off excellent future HOA members. Trust the team at Excel Association Management to give your board the knowledge it needs to bring in quality and long-lasting members. The Board is Just Power-Hungry An HOA

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  • House In Home Owners Association In Plano Texas

    4 Ways HOA Management Can Save Your Association Money

    Association management is seen as a service that helps control the behind-the-scenes tasks of an HOA. While a management team does help with owner communications and gives the Board great advice for managing an up-and-coming association, we also take as many steps as possible to help your community save money where it can. 1.   We Help You Invest in Preventative Maintenance Although preventative maintenance requires some money spent to preserve an investment, it actually saves your

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  • HOA Board Making Annual Budget In Dallas Texas

    HOA Management Tips for Planning an Annual Budget

    An annual HOA budget helps an association determine how much to charge owners for their annual dues and how much money is available to complete projects and cover emergency situations throughout the year. Your association’s annual budget is likely something that adjusts from year to year. So, taking some time to plan out your community’s finances is essential. While this task may seem daunting to the average board member; the help of your association management team and their financial

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  • North Texas Neighborhood With An HOA

    How to Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HOA

    Community maintenance is one of the biggest projects that an HOA board and its management team oversee. Although most HOAs are always prepared for a maintenance need to arise, some can be caught by surprise and experience unexpected expenses. At Excel Association Management, we approach every community we serve with a prepared preventative maintenance plan that works within their projected budget. Here’s a closer look at some of our processes and how your board members can always be prepared

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