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  • Association Management Spring Cleaning List

    Create The Ultimate Community Spring Cleaning Plan

    Your Community Association should be ready to get over the winter weather and start prepping for the sun of spring. One of the top priorities of the season is spring cleaning. While most of your community members will be focused on their personal living quarters, now is a great time for your Board and association management team to take a look at what can be spruced up for the neighborhood as a whole. Inspect the Buildings of Your Community Your community most likely utilizes common areas

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  • Man Using a Clock to Time Association Meeting

    5 Steps for Keeping Association Meetings A Reasonable Length

    Association meetings are crucial events that help a Board make important community decisions while also keeping the public in the know. However, sometimes these meetings can last three hours or more if the agenda is long enough and community involvement is free-range. Just because a meeting is lengthy, doesn’t mean that it is effective. Take some of these tips to heart before this year’s meetings and find out how your association management team can help you keep your meetings short and

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  • Tips for Recruiting HOA Board Members in 2019

    4 Tips for Recruiting HOA Board Members in 2019

    At Excel Association Management, we have a lot of respect for board members. Not only is the Community Association board comprised of volunteers, but they are volunteers that care about your community. Your board is a community pillar that has the power to enhance your neighborhood and make living in your area the best that it can be. When it comes time to recruit new board members, selecting the right ones is crucial. Here are four steps that your board can do in order to help make the best

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  • Community Pool Management

    5 Steps Towards Excellent Community Pool Management During the Off-Season

    Even though it’s definitely not pool season in Dallas, your community pool should always be a priority of the Board. Take advantage of the cooler weather and handle some of the interior needs of your pool so that by the time spring rolls around, your pool will be properly prepared for guests. By following these five steps from local HOA management professionals, your Board will be able to rest easy, knowing that one of the biggest amenities in the community is well-maintained. Double Check

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  • Steps to Get Association Winter Ready

    5 Tips for Getting Your Association Winter-Ready

    An Association board member’s job is a year-round commitment. While this responsibility is an honor, board members are volunteers who also have lives to live outside of community decisions. This issue especially comes up as the winter season approaches a community. With the help of an association management team, your board can comfortably get your community winter-ready and ensure that no issues arise during a frigid Dallas winter. Make Sure your Furnaces Are Prepped for Winter Winter can

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  • Association Management Tips for Following HOA Guidelines

    Association Management Tips to Keep Homeowners Obeying the Rules

    Ensuring that your community follows the Association rules is one of your main jobs as a Board Member for your Community Association. Sometimes, rules may be broken, or a member of the Board may fail to follow up with a community member. Excel Association Management has seen small mistakes regarding Association rules add up to large problems for the Board. Here are some tips from the professionals that will help keep your community rules at the forefront of your homeowners’ minds. Rules Need

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  • Avoid Association Board Mistakes With Professional Management

    5 Mistakes Your Association Board Can Avoid with Professional Management

    Your Community Association Board is the entity that absolutely always needs to have its act together. In order for your community to run smoothly, working with professional management to avoid common mistakes should be top priority. Here are five mistakes that we see Board Members make and how Excel Association Management can help your Board avoid them. Not Reading Governing Documentation A Blasé Attitude for Community Rules Not Collecting Overdue Fees in a Timely Fashion Not Reviewing

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  • Avoid DIY HOA Management

    5 Reasons to Avoid DIY HOA Management

    Some Community Association Boards believe that they can manage a community on their own without help from third-party community management specialists. While they may be able to get some of the essential duties completed, the responsibility is a lot for a volunteer-based group to handle. Here are 5 reasons why your community should work with a professional management company and say “no” to self-management. 1.  You Leave Yourself Open for a Lawsuit Unless your Board is one that is

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  • Signs it's Time for New HOW Management

    4 Signs It’s Time for New HOA Management

    Although your Community Association is the leading figure of control in the neighborhood, they are still a team of volunteers that lead normal lives. Association management can help them with the finer details of the community and handle the issues that go beyond volunteer qualifications. However, not all management companies are created equal, and sometimes you could end up stuck in a contract that just isn’t working out. Here are four red flags that it’s time to start shopping around for

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  • Myths About HOA Management

    5 Misconceptions About HOA Management Associations

    HOA management associations are essential to the success of a community that thrives under a Home Owner’s Association. While HOA management is something that is quite common, many homeowners and elected board members believe some even more common misconceptions. Excel Association Management is proud to help clear up some of these myths and show your HOA how we can be a helpful partner in the development of your community. 1.  Myth 1: The Management Company is the Association Many community

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