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  • Well-maintained urban area.

    Essential Aspects of Your Year-Round Maintenance Checklist

    Your association should always look its best and function properly for the comfort of your homeowners. While some associations may try to catch repairs and maintenance necessities as they come, this isn’t always the most efficient plan for a community. The team at Excel Association Management always believes that an HOA should have a plan, and that includes performing periodic maintenance before problems start to pop up. What is the Importance of Having a Maintenance Checklist? A maintenance

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  • Voting signs in front of neighborhood homes

    Can Your HOA Regulate Political Yard Signs?

    2020 is one of the hugest election years in the history of our nation. Because of this, many homeowners long to display signs supporting or voicing their dissent about any particular candidate.   Over the last few months, several online videos have popped up with people threatening HOA legal action unless a sign is taken down from a yard. Is this a valid argument in Texas? Can your association’s board regulate political yard signs?  Here’s a closer look at this issue and how you and

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  • HOA Halloween Party

    Fun Community Ideas for a COVID-19 Halloween

    2020 has been a year of social changes due to our country’s adjustments to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even Halloween has become impacted by social distancing mandates with many traditional happenings like haunted attractions and trick or treating being hampered or canceled as a whole. While we believe that it’s important for your association to follow its local health guidelines to quell the spread of coronavirus, we also feel that you and your communities deserve to have some fall fun. Here

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  • A Couple around a Lightbulb, with HOA on the bulb.

    The Benefits of a Portal System for Your Association

    HOA leadership should always look ahead into how their services can best benefit the community as a whole. One of the biggest improvements to an association that can easily be forgotten is upgraded technology for overall management. If your association is ready to take a step into the future and rework its website, here are some of the reasons why we believe an online portal is an excellent technological upgrade that makes your association a cut above the rest! Convenient Payment Options One of

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  • HOA Fee Increases

    How Much Can an HOA Increase Dues at One Time?

    HOA dues are an essential part of association management. They help cover a community’s annual budget and pay for important projects, property upkeep, legal fees, and so much more! One of the biggest downsides is that sometimes costs are unpredictable, and HOA dues can increase for the members who pay them. If your association believes it may face increased dues in the coming months, here’s a look at how much dues can increase in Texas and some of the stipulations behind an increase. Is

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  • HOA Helps Increase Property Value

    How Your HOA Helps Increase Property Value

    Property value is something that every homeowner wants to maintain and increase. After all, increased property value means greater potential for financial gains if a sale is in the homeowner’s future. While most homeowners may have a hard time simply keeping up with maintaining property value, those who live under an HOA actually benefit from naturally increased value over the years. Here’s a look at how your HOA helps maintain and improve your property’s value. Assured Upkeep of Your

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  • Cul-de-sac Neighborhood With HOA

    Opening Up About Texas’ Open Board Meeting Laws

    HOA board meetings are an essential part of keeping the community informed on your board’s progress and above all, keeping the leaders of a neighborhood honest. In Texas, the law requires that HOA board meetings are to remain open and must cover specific neighborhood details. An HOA management company likely knows these rules, however we understand a lot of homeowner associations are run by members of the community. Here’s a closer look at what is covered during an open meeting and how

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  • Lawsuit

    How to Avoid Common HOA Lawsuits

    Homeowner associations (HOA) and the boards that lead them take on the responsibility of maintaining the peace of the community. Like all leadership positions, it’s possible for the people you serve to become irate with your board’s decisions and actions. Although calm conversations resolve most problematic situations, sometimes the end result is an expensive and lengthy lawsuit. It’s easier to prevent these situations than deal with the trials of a lawsuit. Here are some proactive steps

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  • HOA board members

    A Day in the Life of an HOA Board Member

    HOA board members are huge components of the backbone that makes up a successful planned community. From the organization of community events to making decisions that help keep a neighborhood within local code compliance, your average board member has a lot on their plate. All of this is on top of the fact that they are really volunteers who are deeply devoted to their community. Our team works with community leaders on a daily basis and we felt like shining some light on all of the great

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  • Remote HOA board meeting

    Tips For Running an Effective Remote HOA Board Meeting

    As Texas COVID-19 cases continue to climb to dangerously high levels, many community members are beginning to once again take a stronger stance with social distancing. However, the world continues to turn and thanks to technology, being socially distant doesn’t always mean shutting down business as usual. This especially stands for HOA board members who must still hold board meetings and make important decisions that benefit the communities they serve. Remote meetings are among the latest

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