• Association Maintenance Plan

    The Community Association Maintenance Plan

    The goal of a maintenance plan is to educate both the property manager and a Community Association board on how to suitably maintain communal components. Adhering to a properly laid out plan will help reduce costs to the members and prolong the components’ useful life. A well-prepared plan should be able to meet the following key goals: Provide maintenance that is cost-effective Preventive maintenance can prevent minor problems from escalating into major failures and costly repairs. Sustain

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  • Reserve Studies for Associations

    What Are Reserve Studies for Long-Term Community Association Funding?

    When planning long-term for your community association, one of the biggest factors that comes into play is funding. It is quite costly to keep up with the many aspects that it takes to keep a community running and looking its best. Yes, your structures in the community like the exterior walls or pool house may be strong now, but what about 10 or 15 years down the road? They are inevitably going to need a roof replacement or another type of maintenance. It is the association’s responsibility

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  • Laws and Regulations for HOA

    5 Community Association Laws and Regulations Your Board Needs to Know: Part 1

    Following state laws and regulations are simply a given when it comes to being an HOA Board. Sometimes, these laws can be confusing to navigate and precious time is spent trying to decipher these issues. With the help of an association management team, your Board can focus on improving the community and let their qualified management team guide them through the laws. Here are five legal issues that Community Association Boards face on a regular basis and how they impact a Board. 1. Foreclosure

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  • Non-Payment

    How a Community Association Management Company Handles Non-Payments

    Non-payment of Community Association fees is an inevitability that all associations will need to address at some point.  Addressing non-payment can be uncomfortable since board members are members of the communities in which they govern. Therefore, it is a good idea to allow a third-party management company to step in and help handle some of the unpleasantries of management like non-payment. Here are some of the ways that management companies approach one of the tougher issues in community

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  • HOA Management

    What Does an HOA Management Company Do?

    Effectively running a community can be a real challenge. Usually, a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) is in charge of managing the business affairs of the corporations while balancing the wants and needs of neighborhood community. However, these responsibilities are often more than volunteers can or want to do without professional support. When tasks become overwhelming for the volunteer Board of Directors, many HOAs hire an HOA management company to effectively carry out the management of their

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  • Community Association Communication Tips

    Why Communication With Your Community Association Is Important

    Communication between a community association and the homeowners that dwell in a community is important yet can also become lacking if not done right. Find out the fundamentals of how to successfully form lines of communication between these two parties. Why is Communication so Important? Communication is important to all relationships, but there is a special reason why communication between a community association and its community members is so important. When people move into a community,

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  • Community Association Benefits

    Top 5 Benefits of a Community Association

    In several personal stories and new stories across the nation, there are instances of community associations that are posed as general nightmares for residents. From a man losing his home for planting too many roses, to liens for thousands of dollars on a home for each day its pink flamingo was left out, there is no shortage of horror stories. While unfortunately, those stories are true, they are very extreme examples of what can go wrong with an ill-managed Community Association. In fact, if

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  • Hiring an HOA Management Company

    Best 4 Questions to Ask When Hiring an HOA Management Company

    Finding the perfect fit for your community’s association management company can be a complex mission. There are many options to choose from, and many questions to consider. It can be an overwhelming process. This is a decision that will have an effect on an entire neighborhood of homeowners yet, will ease the burden of the volunteer Board members. The first order of business in making a decision to use an association management company is to assess the needs you have. Most HOA management

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  • Qualities to look for in a HOA Management Company

    Qualities To Look For In An HOA Management Company

    Whether you are starting a new HOA, self-managing your HOA, or are unhappy with your current association management company, there are certain qualities to look for when searching for an HOA management company for your community. Differences Between Community Management and Property Management First of all, community management and property management are different. Property management is typically for rental type property. Community management requires skills and knowledge of rules, laws, and

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  • Is Your HOA Management Company Too Large

    Is Your HOA Management Company Too Large?

    There are mixed thoughts out in the busy world of HOA management. Some think bigger is better and others believe that the personal service is what matters most. Can an HOA Management Company be too big? Here at Excel Association Management, we think the answer is yes, it can be too big. If your internet search for “HOA management company” comes up with companies in many cities with multiple offices throughout the country, you could assume that this is the company to go with. But the

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