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  • Host a Perfect Community Event

    How to Host the Perfect HOA Sponsored Community Event

    Even though your community pool may consistently be packed this summer, there is always room to throw an extra celebration for your association members. As the leaders of your community, the Board is responsible for organizing, approving, and executing Association-sponsored events. This year, with the help of your association management team, throw a community event that will revitalize the energy surrounding your neighborhood. Here are some tips for hosting the perfect community block party

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  • Keep Your Community Pool Summer Ready

    Easy Ways to Keep Your Community Pool Summer-Ready

    School’s out for the summer and if you’re part of an association board, then you already know that the community pool is going to be your top priority. While we’ve already shown how your association management team can keep your pool clear during the off-season, actual pool season needs are a different story. Not only do you have to keep your pool area clean, but you have to raise the bar in order to keep locals happy and entice potential new residents to think about living in your

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  • HOA Governing Power

    Understanding Your Community Association’s Governing Power

    To many homeowners living in a community governed by an Association, the volunteers on the Board are the neighborhood leaders who enforce rules and regulations with the goal of improving their community. While Associations have responsibilities to make important decisions for their communities, it is important that homeowners understand the governing extent the Board has within the state and local laws and governing documents of the Association. If you’re moving into a neighborhood that is

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  • Budget-Friendly Ideas to Boost a Property's Appeal

    6 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Boost a Property’s Appeal

    The housing market continues to boom in the Big D. You may have noticed a significant uptick in homes for sale in the area. Dallas and its surrounding suburbs are rapidly growing with plenty of new construction (and the traffic to prove it). While Dallas continues to be a seller’s market, the average home sits on the market for 71 days. Buyers are willing to shop around until they find that perfect home in a great neighborhood that will also be a good investment. Check out these six

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  • Man Proposes HOA Rule Changes

    How To Approach HOA Rule Changes

    Community Association rules may be parts of governing documents that keep your neighborhood running smoothly, but nothing about these rules is set in stone. Over time, changes may have to be adopted out of necessity or by the request of a community member. As a Board member or a concerned community member, there are steps you need to take in order to make the right decisions for your neighborhood. Here are some tips and how your association management company can help! Before Approaching Change,

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  • Tech Trends Your HOA Board Should Follow

    Tech Trends and More Your HOA Should Follow in 2019

    2019 is going to be a great year for introducing new members to your Community Association. However, everyone knows that sometimes ‘keeping up with the Joneses” is essential for drawing in new members and interest. Make sure that your Board puts its focus on the right aspect of the community to improve, in order to ensure that your neighborhood stands out to 2019 house hunters! Prepare to Welcome the Millenials The next wave of homeowners and Association members will inevitably be the

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  • Responsibilities of Your HOA Board Members

    Titles and Responsibilities of Your HOA Board Members

    New Association Board members may have an idea of what their responsibilities entail, but sometimes need a more in-depth example of their duties and authority that they hold over a community. The Community Association is in place to maintain order throughout a neighborhood and ensure that it remains a great place to live for current and future tenants. With the help of a hands-on association management team, an Association Board can go on to make a positive difference in a neighborhood. While

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  • Creating Perfect Vendor Contracts in 2019

    Your community is only as great as the vendors that keep it running. From landscaping and irrigation to general maintenance on your shared community centers, hiring the right vendors for your neighborhood is important. Even though a vendor may have a great reputation, sealing the deal with a solid vendor agreement contract will ensure that your Association’s needs are met and your community will continue to thrive. As spring begins to blossom and summer looms in the distance, now is the

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  • Association Management Spring Cleaning List

    Create The Ultimate Community Spring Cleaning Plan

    Your Community Association should be ready to get over the winter weather and start prepping for the sun of spring. One of the top priorities of the season is spring cleaning. While most of your community members will be focused on their personal living quarters, now is a great time for your Board and association management team to take a look at what can be spruced up for the neighborhood as a whole. Inspect the Buildings of Your Community Your community most likely utilizes common areas

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  • Man Using a Clock to Time Association Meeting

    5 Steps for Keeping Association Meetings A Reasonable Length

    Association meetings are crucial events that help a Board make important community decisions while also keeping the public in the know. However, sometimes these meetings can last three hours or more if the agenda is long enough and community involvement is free-range. Just because a meeting is lengthy, doesn’t mean that it is effective. Take some of these tips to heart before this year’s meetings and find out how your association management team can help you keep your meetings short and

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