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  • How Associations Make Senior Citizens Feel Comfortable

    How Your Association Can Make Senior Citizens Feel Comfortable

    Your association is a beautiful community full of families from different walks of life. It’s important to remember that while everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in your neighborhood, some of your fellow owners may require a little extra assistance. Let’s focus on senior citizens aged 65+ in your community, and what you can do to ensure their time in your association makes them truly feel at home. Gather Emergency Contact Information Your HOA should gather emergency contact

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  • How to Create an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Plan

    How to Create an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Plan

    People frequently avoid dealing with uncomfortable problems because they are unsure of what to do. Although few people relish conflict, your HOA's Board of Directors must prepare for problems. No community escapes unpleasant issues forever. A dispute of some type will eventually afflict even the sweetest community. What you and your HOA Board can do is develop an alternative dispute resolution plan. Then, you are ready to respond in a rational, predefined way when a problem erupts. ADR Supports

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  • 5 Ways to Improve Owner Retention in Your Association

    5 Ways to Improve Owner Retention in Your Association

    Bringing new owners into your association is excellent, but keeping them around for years is critical. Owner retention in an HOA can be difficult. Yet, when approached with the correct Board and HOA management team, it can lead to: A more efficient association Even more new owners A more robust Board of Directors Happier homeowners Your Board should have all of these goals in mind regarding managing the community. If your association needs help with member retention, here are 5 things your

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  • Top Reasons to Join Association Board

    Top Reasons Why You Should Join your Association’s Board

    Serving on your HOA’s board comes with immense responsibility but can be one of the most rewarding things you could do as a homeowner owner. You can improve your experience as a property owner, but you can also make some long-term positive changes that benefit future property owners. Here are some of the biggest reasons you should consider joining your association’s board. You Can Help Correct Problems If you know that your homeowner's association has recurring problems like noisy neighbors

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  • Top 5 Things to Know Before Hiring an HOA Management Company

    Top 5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an HOA Management Company

    An HOA management company can quickly help your association meet its annual goals and rise to the top of exclusive communities in your area. Selecting a management company that’s the right fit for your HOA isn’t as easy as selecting the first local listing on Google. There are many qualities to weigh out before determining whether a management team is capable of pushing you towards success. Here are some examples of what you must consider when choosing the best HOA management company for

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  • Should HOAs Get Workers' Compensation

    Does Your HOA Need Workers’ Comp Insurance?

    Workers’ compensation is a common form of insurance that many businesses employ to protect their leadership and reputation. Although workers' compensation is required in many states across the nation, Texas allows it's business owners the choice to enact this type of insurance. Associations are part of an industry that makes money from owners, therefore making them a business. Business protection from all is paramount. So, let’s take a deeper look at workers comp insurance and whether or

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  • How to Handle HOA Noise Issues in Your Community in Dallas-Fort Worth

    Tips for Handling Your HOA Noise Issues

    Noisy neighbors don’t typically make for a happy association. Even though you may have noise ordinances in place, there is always the possibility of an owner or their tenant slipping up and disturbing the peace of those around them. As association board members, you want to ensure every violation in your HOA is handled with organization, patience, and neutrality. Here’s a closer look at what you can do to reduce noise complaints within your community. Make Sure Your Rules Are for a Specific

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  • How to Create Snow Removal Policies and Procedures

    How to Craft a Winning HOA Snow Removal Policy

    Although Dallas and Fort Worth recently experienced their first snow of the year, it’s always best to keep in mind that Texas winter weather can be unexpected, and more snow can easily be in the near future. While snow days are fun, snow can also prove to be a slip and fall problem or accident hazard when left unattended throughout an HOA community. Your association should always have a snow removal policy prepared. However, if you know your policy needs revisions, this post is your first

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  • Creating an HOA Board Resolution with HOA Management in Dallas

    How to Properly Create an HOA Board Resolution

    HOA resolutions are set in place to ensure that a community Board effectively manages a community and makes all of the right decisions during board meetings. Essentially, resolutions are governing documents that bring validation to a board’s actions for a community. Since resolutions go beyond the standard rules and regulations that can easily change to meet new state, federal, and local requirements, there is definitely a process a Board should follow when its members decide a new resolution

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  • HOA Topics on Going Greener in 2022

    5 Ways Your HOA Can Go Greener in the New Year

    An HOA serves as a pillar of the community it resides in. So, while it should always strive to provide the best owner experience for its residents, it should also do everything in its power to reduce its environmental footprint and improve the immediate environments around it. Fortunately, going greener doesn’t have to be an expensive initiative, and there are several ways that your community can help make the planet a better place. Here are 5 green tips your HOA should enforce in 2022! Go

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