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  • HOA board members

    A Day in the Life of an HOA Board Member

    HOA board members are huge components of the backbone that makes up a successful planned community. From the organization of community events to making decisions that help keep a neighborhood within local code compliance, your average board member has a lot on their plate. All of this is on top of the fact that they are really volunteers who are deeply devoted to their community. Our team works with community leaders on a daily basis and we felt like shining some light on all of the great

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  • Remote HOA board meeting

    Tips For Running an Effective Remote HOA Board Meeting

    As Texas COVID-19 cases continue to climb to dangerously high levels, many community members are beginning to once again take a stronger stance with social distancing. However, the world continues to turn and thanks to technology, being socially distant doesn’t always mean shutting down business as usual. This especially stands for HOA board members who must still hold board meetings and make important decisions that benefit the communities they serve. Remote meetings are among the latest

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  • How to Spend A Fun & Socially Distant Summer With Your Association

    The kids are off, school is officially out, summer has begun! While this particular summer is one with specific restrictions, your association can still be a fun hub for children and families. Even with social distancing measures in full-effect, it’s still important to create a sense of community within your neighborhood. With help from your association management team, participating community members, and effective communication on your neighborhood social media group, the summer of 2020

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  • Kids swimming in a pool

    Your Community Pool During Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus pandemic has essentially put a damper on the usual summer activities like concerts, travel, and large-scale summer camps. However, one of the biggest stables of summertime is still a-go, albeit with some restrictions. According to the CDC, swimming pools are a general safe space for those who want to cool off with the reduced risk of contracting COVID-19. Here’s some more information about pool safety this specific summer and how Excel Association Management can help keep your

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  • Association management for summer

    Biggest Benefits of Association Management Going into the Summer

    Summer is right around the corner and your association management team should be busy finalizing all of the seasonal needs that will keep your neighborhood summer-ready. A lot goes into making the perfect summer, and your community management team can help ease the burden on your HOA Board. If your association is currently preparing for summer on its own, here are some of the biggest benefits of having a management team on your side. Enjoy Your Summer While We Handle the Finances One of the

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  • Community committee

    Guideline for Creating Committees to Help Your Board

    Your association board is a busy team of individuals. Not only is it responsible for making decisions for the Association but it must also put essential programs and improvements in place. The typical HOA Board consists of three to seven members who oversee the development of a community. However, most of the time an association needs a little help in the form of committees. HOA committees are responsible for helping Board Members with various programs and tasks. Committees come in two forms;

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  • Virtual board meeting

    Tips For Successful Social Distancing Within Your Association

    As Texas continues to push towards a flatter coronavirus infection curve, more people than before are becoming self-conscious about social distancing measures. At Excel Association Management, we like to take every necessary step to ensure that our communities are safe and sanitary, especially at this time. We know that sometimes social distancing can really feel like the challenge that it is. So, here are some simple tips your Board can follow through on in order to make flattening the curve a

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  • Meeting via teleconference

    Approaching Board Meetings Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The COVID-19 virus has officially been declared a pandemic and life as most communities know it has come to a standstill. With self-quarantines, social distancing, and several business closures in effect, many Boards may be wondering how they can continue to improve their communities during this crisis. While your community practices social distancing, here are some of the ways you and your Board can approach Board Meetings in the coming months. Take a New Stance on Meeting Urgency Since so

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  • Save energy

    Simple Ways Your HOA Can Conserve Energy

    Your association is all about making the community a better place for its current and future residents. Aside from general tidiness and ensuring that finances are in order for your association, the HOA should also be conscious of the environmental footprint of its neighborhood. Since spring is right around the corner, now is the best time to discuss how your association management team and Board can join forces to make your association a “greener” place. Here are some quick ways your HOA

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Risk HOA Self-Management

    Why You Shouldn’t Risk HOA Self-Management

    Some associations try to save money in their budget by opting out of working with a management company. While it’s commendable that these groups believe in their abilities to independently manage their own community, there are several issues that they are inadvertently at risk for without professional association management. Here are some of the issues we’ve seen, and how our management team has been able to assist communities like yours. Essential Insurance can Fly Under the Radar

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