The Benefits of a Portal System for Your Association

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HOA leadership should always look ahead into how their services can best benefit the community as a whole. One of the biggest improvements to an association that can easily be forgotten is upgraded technology for overall management.

If your association is ready to take a step into the future and rework its website, here are some of the reasons why we believe an online portal is an excellent technological upgrade that makes your association a cut above the rest!

Convenient Payment Options

One of the biggest reasons homeowners love online portals is that payments are now as simple as the click of a mouse. Portals make paying fees and dues a convenient process that eliminates the need for envelopes, stamps, and above all, time.

Your leadership can receive payments instantaneously, and quickly move on to the next important topic without the stress of extra bookkeeping.

Residents Receive Quicker Response Times

Sometimes maintenance emergencies happen and residents need a fast way to relay a message to association leadership. Online maintenance requests make it simple for owners to get in touch and report their maintenance issue and continue on with their day.

The portal is also helpful due to the fact that management can easily document and track orders, while also effectively overseeing the project and keeping owners informed via portal access.

Transparency Becomes Simple

No homeowner wants to have to wait for account information to come to them after a request. Usually information like use restrictions or payment amounts and due dates are things that an owner would want to view instantly and on their own time.

An online portal makes transparency a priceless amenity for association members who wish to view their private information at the moment they need it.

Online Portals Bring Together an Association

Much like social media, online portals can be an outlet for community members to communicate with each other and become closer neighbors. Through forums, community calendars, meeting notes, and general neighborhood updates, no homeowner has a reason to be left out of the loop when important information arises.

Boost Your Association Technology With Excel Association Management

Our management team believes in making your association the absolute best it can be. We utilize the latest technology to ensure that your leadership and homeowners are able to efficiently communicate and easily make association information available to any homeowner.

If you’re a member of an association board who knows their community needs professional management to help elevate its standards, Excel Association Management is ready to help! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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